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Jordanell Reservoir State Park
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Lake of the Woods , MN
~ 1751 miles away - (307)
Today's Forecast Mar 03, 2021

Lake of the Woods's current water temperature is 32°F. Today's forecast is: Clear throughout the day., with a high around 34°F and a low around 9°F. Winds are out of the NNE at 4 mph with gusts of 13 mph.

Current Conditions
34° F
N 4 - 13 gust

8 Day Forecast as of Mar 03, 2021
32° 17°
wind NE 4-12 mph

Clear throughout the day.
39° 19°
wind SE 5-11 mph

Clear throughout the day.
38° 22°
wind ESE 4-10 mph

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
42° 32°
wind SSE 8-27 mph

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
47° 29°
wind S 12-36 mph

Overcast throughout the day.
42° 30°
wind W 5-24 mph

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
38° 13°
wind NE 12-37 mph

Rain (with a chance of 1–2 in. of snow) in the afternoon and evening.
27° 13°
wind NW 14-38 mph

Foggy in the morning and afternoon.

Warning: Ice is NEVER 100% Safe!
Thermal Imagery - Feb 03, 2021
Natural Imagery - Mar 01, 2021

When you visit Lake of the Woods you are about as far north as you can get and still be in the continental U.S. Located north of the 48th parallel and away from urban light and air pollution, Minnesota’s True North offers a panoramic view of the Aurora Borealis or “Northern Lights.” They can be a virtual light show on practically any clear evening. This nighttime drama is a natural phenomenon. During peak sunspot activity, charged particles are thrown far out into space and are carried to the earth’s atmosphere by the solar wind. The particles then interact with the earth’s magnetic field in the polar regions. The colors in the northern lights are not a continuous spectrum, but a few separate colors such as red, violet, blue, and green. The first indication of a northern lights display is a faint glow low on the horizon. After a while an arch of light is lit. It can stretch all over the sky. Rays of light and “draperies” are formed with curls and waves. The draperies appear as if they are flickering or dancing in the wind. Sometimes the rays will stretch out in all directions above your head. This occurrence is called the aurora corona and will fill any onlooker with a hushed sense of awe. A great place to check them out is along Highway 11 which is also known as the Waters of the Dancing Sky Scenic Byway.

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