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Jordanell Reservoir State Park
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Suttle Lake , OR
~ 3674 miles away - (319)
Today's Forecast Feb 24, 2021

Suttle Lake's current water temperature is 37°F. Today's forecast is: Clear throughout the day., with a high around 40°F and a low around 23°F. Winds are out of the SSW at 5 mph with gusts of 23 mph.

Current Conditions
40° 23° F
SSW 5 - 23 gust

8 Day Forecast as of Feb 24, 2021
39° 27°
wind SSW 4-22 mph

Clear throughout the day.
37° 31°
wind W 17-46 mph

Rain (with a chance of 1–2 in. of snow) in the morning and afternoon.
34° 29°
wind W 20-46 mph

Rain (with a chance of 2–5 in. of snow) in the morning and afternoon.
39° 25°
wind W 9-38 mph

Foggy in the morning.
46° 29°
wind SW 4-7 mph

Foggy until evening.
39° 27°
wind SSW 4-5 mph

Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
45° 30°
wind WSW 4-8 mph

Foggy in the afternoon.
49° 36°
wind SSW 4-6 mph

Overcast throughout the day.

Warning: Ice is NEVER 100% Safe!
Thermal Imagery - ~
Natural Imagery - Feb 15, 2021

Bound on all sides by mixed conifer forest, the lake is deep and clear. The west end is best for seeing waterfowl because it's sheltered from the prevailing wind. Link Creek, which empties into Suttle Lake, is shallow and clear enough to view spawning fish. Yellow, orange, or red hues from vine maple proclaim the arrival of autumn in September or October. The lake was formed and a terminal moraine, which was deposited by glacial ice about 25,000 years ago during the Suttle Lake advance of the Cabot Creek glaciation. The principle surface input to the lake is Link Creek, which flows out of Blue Lake. The outlet of Suttle Lake is Lake Creek, which flows eastward into the Metolius River. The lake covers an area of 253 acres. The average depth of the lake is 44 feet with a maximum depth of 75 feet. The lake has an excellent population of naturally reproducing kokanee, plus brown trout, whitefish, and crayfish. Motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed on this body of water.

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