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Jordanell Reservoir State Park
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Gunlock Reservoir , UT
~ 3158 miles away - (50)
Today's Forecast Apr 17, 2021

Gunlock Reservoir's current water temperature is 41°F. Today's forecast is: Partly cloudy throughout the day., with a high around 64°F and a low around 42°F. Winds are out of the NNE at 13 mph with gusts of 26 mph.

Current Conditions
Water as of
Apr 15, 2021
64° 42° F
NNE 13 - 26 gust

8 Day Forecast as of Apr 17, 2021
63° 43°
wind NNE 13-25 mph

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
75° 43°
wind NNE 10-27 mph

Clear throughout the day.
81° 45°
wind NW 9-24 mph

Clear throughout the day.
79° 53°
wind NE 7-20 mph

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
75° 45°
wind SSW 6-14 mph

Overcast throughout the day.
78° 48°
wind NNW 6-24 mph

Clear throughout the day.
83° 52°
wind NW 4-7 mph

Clear throughout the day.
87° 58°
wind S 5-12 mph

Clear throughout the day.

Warning: Ice is NEVER 100% Safe!
Thermal Imagery - Apr 15, 2021
Natural Imagery - Apr 10, 2021

Located on Gunlock Road 15 miles northwest of St. George in scenic red rock country, lies Gunlock Reservoir where boating, water sports and quality fishing for bass and catfish attract visitors. A mild winter climate makes Gunlock State Park a year-round destination. The name Gunlock is the same as the small farming community one mile to the north. William Haynes Hamblin (nicknamed Will or Bill), a Mormon pioneer born in Ohio, settled in the present area of the lake in 1857. Gunlock Will was a good hunter and sharpshooter, and was skillful in repairing gunlocks, which are the firing mechanisms for muzzle loaders. The county road to the park is the Old Spanish Trail used by horsemen and raiders from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Los Angeles from the 1820 s until the gold fields became the destination after 1849 and a shorter route was taken. Gunlock Reservoir dam was constructed in 1970 for irrigation water and flood control. Opened to the public as a state park in 1970. Park Elevation: 3,600 feet

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