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Jordanell Reservoir State Park
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Red Fleet Reservoir , UT
~ 2720 miles away - (56)
Today's Forecast Apr 17, 2021

Red Fleet Reservoir's current water temperature is 41°F. Today's forecast is: Clear throughout the day., with a high around 48°F and a low around 28°F. Winds are out of the NNE at 13 mph with gusts of 24 mph.

Current Conditions
Water as of
Apr 15, 2021
48° 28° F
NNE 13 - 24 gust

8 Day Forecast as of Apr 17, 2021
47° 29°
wind NNE 13-24 mph

Clear throughout the day.
60° 36°
wind NW 5-9 mph

Clear throughout the day.
57° 23°
wind N 10-28 mph

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
54° 31°
wind NE 5-18 mph

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
48° 34°
wind NE 4-17 mph

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
57° 33°
wind NNE 5-23 mph

Possible light rain in the morning.
65° 36°
wind NNW 3-8 mph

Partly cloudy throughout the day.
75° 48°
wind SSW 5-11 mph

Clear throughout the day.

Warning: Ice is NEVER 100% Safe!
Thermal Imagery - Apr 15, 2021
Natural Imagery - Apr 12, 2021

inosaurs inhabited the land in and around present day Vernal. Red Fleet State Park is home of numerous dinosaur tracks. These tracks are believed to be more than 200 million years old. Paleontologists can tell from these tracks preserved in Nugget sandstone that the dinosaurs were three-toed (tridactyl) and walked on two legs (bipedal). The tracks range from three to 17 inches. A second site of about 40 dinosaur tracks of four to five inches, in the more recent Carmel Formation, has been found in the area, however, the species has not yet been identified. The tracks can be reached by hiking a 1.5-mile trail that is somewhat strenuous because of its several uphill and downhill sections. The best viewing times of the tracks are early morning or late afternoon. The tracks are somewhat difficult to see when the sun is directly overhead. Opened to the public as a state park in 1988. Park Elevation: 5,500 feet Park Acreage: 1,963 Surface Water Acreage: 750

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