A community for boaters, anglers, and lake enthusiasts to access current lake conditions including live video, water temperatures, satellite imagery, weather, and lake information.


We founded LakeMonster because we love boating and fishing and found that the current lake water temperature and conditions are difficult to get without calling the lake directly. We designed to be the single source for all lake related information and to provide a community page for anglers and recreational boaters to come to to share experiences, conditions, and to support local businesses.


We love our natural resources and believe this type of information is invaluable. We know this data helps make your recreational decisions easier and helps you find new lakes around you. We envision this project to positively impact US BLM, National & State park services and services around the world.


Our goal is to enable safe and responsible enjoyment of our public waters & lands while assisting in the preservation of our natural resources diverse native plant and animal life.

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We love working with lakes and marina. More accurate information requires onsite equipment to measure localized weather, temperature and live streaming video.