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Lake Champlain , VT
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Lake Champlain's current water temperature is 73°F. Today's forecast is: Partly cloudy throughout the day., with a high around 78°F and a low around 63°F. Winds are out of the NNW at 5 mph with gusts of 18 mph.
Current Conditions
Water Temp (F)
71° - 73°
Estimate as of Aug 11, 2022
Current Air (F)
Wind (MPH)
S   5   -   18   gust

About this lake


Lake Champlain comprises part of the border between New York and Vermont, a long thin lake that stretches north into the Richlieu River in Quebec, Canada. There are over 70 islands in Lake Champlain, and its edges are full of beautiful state parks, like Kamp Kill Kare State Park and North Hero State Park. Those fishing in Lake Champlain can test their luck to find walleye, pike, salmon, bass, and more. The lake is also home to Champ, a horned serpent who lives in the waters of Lake Champlain according to legend. Champ is purported to be harmless, and easily scared off by boats and humans, so there's no reason to fear this lake's beast.

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  • Acres: 282,668
  • Base Elevation 92 Ft

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